Linda Martin, WMU Director


Monthly Meeting: 

First Tuesday of every month

10:00am ~ Room #104

Mission Study, Mission Involvement, Mission Support (Prayer)

The Focus or Purpose of WMU:
*Pray for and Give to MissionsWMU motivates people to support missionaries and missions work through praying and giving.  No church can individually minister and witness to the whole world.  By praying for and giving to missions cooperatively, people in a church can be involved in representative missions all around the world.  Their prayers and money make it possible for missionaries to share the Savior with a lost world, one by one.
*Do Missions- WMU provides opportunities for people to be directly involved in minister and witnessing to non-believers, and to motivate them to do so. This task involves two kinds of activities:  ministry and witness.  Witness and ministry can take place locally, where individuals live, or in other parts of the nation or world as the individual goes to other places.
*Learn about Missions-  Involving persons in learning experiences increases their awareness and knowledge of missions.  Learning experiences can instill concepts, change attitudes, increase knowledge, and develop skills helpful in supporting missions.
*Develop Spiritually Toward a Missions Lifestyle-  WMU helps people grow in their understanding of Who God is and what He is calling them to do.  As they develop a close relationship with God, people can see their part in fulfilling the Great Commission.
*Participate in the Work of the Church and the Denomination-  WMU helps the church to create an environment in which persons can hear and respond to God's call and provide ministries to missionaries and their families.  WMU members and leaders are also to be involved in the broader picture of the entire church in worship, evangelism, missions, ministry, discipleship, and fellowship.
 The age-level organizations of Woman's Missionary Union are:
  Women On Mission
 Women aged 18 years and above
 Girls in grades 7-12
Girls In Action (GA's) ~ See Children's Page
Girls in grades 1-6
Mission Friends (MF's) ~ See Children's Page
Girls and Boys 3-5 years old
Royal Ambassadors (RA's) ~ See Children's Page
 Boys in grades 1-6
WMU Leadership Team 2018:
WMU Director
Linda Martin
Co- WMU Director
 Betty Prim
   Wylene Hawkins
Mission Involvement
Hazel Maples
Prayer Support Leaders
Elizabeth Ponder & Wylene Hawkins
  Study Leader
 Betty Prim

 Children In Action

Nataile Amberger

 Women's Ministry Director ~ See Womne's Ministry Page
 Cynthia Montalvo
There are four Offerings and Days of Prayer that we support and give to:
Addine Maynard - Local Offering and Day of Prayer-
Addine Maynard, for whom this annual Day of Prayer and Offering was named in 1969, was born in Birmingham, Alabama, March 10, 1893.  She died in Mobile, Alabama, November 20, 1995, at the age of 102.  At her death Mrs. Maynard was the oldest retired missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention.  The monies from this offering allows us to support many local ministries in the Mobile area.  We give to and help support the Mobile Baptist Children's Home, Baptist Student Center on the campus of University of South Alabama, the Baptist Student Center on the campus of the University of Mobile, International Seaman Center and many other ministries.

Kathleen Mallory - State Offering and Day of Prayer -
Miss Kathleen Mallory of Selma Alabama was elected  in 1909 as corresponding secretary/treasurer of the Alabama Baptist WMU.  In 1912, Kathleen became corresponding secretary/treasurer of WMU, SBC.  Kathleen retired from full-time service in 1948.  Kathleen died in her native Selma on July 17, 1954.  Because of Kathleen Mallory's love, devotion, and dedication to the work of God in the state of Alabama a Day of Prayer was named after her:  "Kathleen Mallory Day of Prayer and Mission Offering."  Gifts given to this offering go to the planning and implementation of ministries of Alabama WMU.  This offering is recognized every year in the month of September.  Due to the continuing support of the Kathleen Malory Mission Offering, Mission Friends, and Girls in Action organizations flourish in the local churches under trained leadership.
 Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions-
Annie Armstrong was born July 11, 1850, in Baltimore, Maryland.  She died December 12, 1938.  As a young woman, she helped begin the Woman's Baptist Home Mission Society of Maryland in 1882, and served as its first president.  Other local women'e missions organizations were also beginning across the country.  In 1892 a week was set aside in early spring to pray for home missions.  By 1895 the Week of Self-Denial for Home Missions was established.  In 1934, the offering was renamed the Annie Armstrong Offering for Home Missions, and five years later was changed to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  This is the North American Mission Offering (USA) we take up at Easter.  The monies allocated from this offering go to support our North American Missionaries and the many ministries they are involved.
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions-                                                                                                                                             Lottie Moon was born December 12, 1840 in Albemarie County, Virginia.  Lottie Moon served 39 years as a missionary, mostly in China's Shantung province.  Lottie died aboard a ship in the Japanese harbor of Kobe on December 24, 1912.  She was 72 years old.   In 1918, Woman's Missionary Union named the annual Christmas Offering for International Missions.  Offerings collected from this offering go to support ministries and missionaries all over the world.